Tech Juice Weekly: Samsung set to launch the Note 8 next month. How’s it going to fare?

I just started this segment called Tech Juice Weekly. In this segment I’ll be sharing my opinions every week on all things hot in the world of tech and also discuss about the latest rumors, leaks  and other info on upcoming electronic devices. So, this week I’m going to discuss about about the release of the eagerly awaited Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and how last year’s incident might affect the sales this year and how it’s likely to be priced.



For those still wondering, the release is official! Samsung has confirmed the very anticipated launch of the Galaxy Note 8. Well, not technically but earlier this year Samsung said they would be launching the Note 8 somewhere at the end of August – early September. This falls exactly in line with the “Unpacked” event Samsung is holding on the 23rd of Aug in New York. And to clear all doubts, the pic shows “Do better things” in brackets which clearly hints towards the bezeless display of Galaxy devices and the pic also features a pic of the iconic SPen which has always been integral to  the Note devices. So this pretty much confirms the launch date.


One important thing to note is this release date gives Samsung some serious advantage. Why? Because of the delay in the release of its rival – the iPhone (iPhone 8) which is confirmed to launch at the end of September. This gives Samsung enough breathing time to push out their devices at full capacity and also probably sway the minds of the eagerly waiting Apple fanboys.


Media Attention:

If you are a human being who is on the internet then you probably know what happened last year with Galaxy Note 7. I won’t dwell too much into the incident, but those who are unaware, the Note 7 kept exploding in user’s hands and pockets due to certain battery issues. Largely, because of fitting in a huge battery in an extremely sleek device. Samsung had acknowledged the incident and had to recall the devices twice (yes, twice) and they later on officially announced the death of the Note 7. Samsung also claimed that this would also be the end of the entire Note series. But now that’s clearly not the case. Needless to say, this infamous event garnered Samsung huge amount of attention (not in a good way of course!). But you also might be aware of the fact this device was an absolutely brilliant phone and it very easily would have been the best phone of 2016 had it existed for more time. Well, come 2017, Samsung launches the Galaxy S8/S8+. Once again magnificent devices and luckily with a stable battery. This kind of regained the trust of the consumers.160902121639-samsung-galaxy-note-7-fire-front-780x439

Now, with the launch of the Note 8, all the negative publicity from last year might actually turn out to be a  big positive for Samsung. Be it for good reasons or bad, the phone got a lot of media coverage and this made the public acknowledge the fact that this phone existed. So surely, all eyes are going to be on Samsung when the Note 8 launches and IF Samsung plays it’s cards right, they could have a solid phone at hand. This would impress a whole lot of people and Samsung would have a fighting chance at the top tier of the Smartphone market. BUT if they don’t (let’s all hope this doesn’t happen), this would obviously plummet the sales of Samsung and open up the market to Apple and Google who are both launching their flagship devices later on this year.

If you want more info on the Note 7 explosion incident, be sure to check out Cnet’s article on why the phones were exploding

Here’s why Samsung Note 7 phones are catching fire


Just like for any other device, pricing is going to play a major role in the sales of the Note 8 . As of now, nothing is confirmed yet. But various sources are predicting different price points. Some say its going to cost somewhere between $850-950 (roughly between 55,000 – 61,000 INR) just like the Note 5 & Note 7, while some speculate the price might as well shoot over the $1000 mark and cost around $1100 (71,000 INR). If that’s the case the device is going to be a tough sell since the supposed iPhone 8 and Pixel 2 XL are said to be packing even powerful hardware and that too below the $1000 mark. Remember, all these are speculations and we’ll only know for sure when it comes out. Also, don’t forget to keep an eye out for the price drop in Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+ which is bound to come around with the launch of Note 8.


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