The Moto g5 Plus is a well crafted phone with some solid specs.

The Mid Range Phones (Rs.12,000-Rs.17,000) are the most thriving segment of smartphones in countries like India and China. And Motorola was one of the pioneering companies in this category; garnering huge success with the original Moto g which had some really impressive specs and features at affordable prices. And now, Motorola has dropped its latest mid range phone – The Moto g5 Plus; available exclusively on Flipkart. And here are 5 things you should consider before buying the phone:

1. The Build:

Motorola finally debuts the popular uni metal design in its G lineup. The Moto g5 Plus features a full Aluminum back and so far it has been a love/hate relationship with the masses.That’s predictable given last year’s Moto M which had a similar metal design, which for me, was a strange device and didn’t seem like a compelling buy. IMG_20170316_210542Now Moto has carried forward the same design language but with some changes. The most glaring one, the camera hump( I’ll get back to it). Apart from this, nothing much has changed from the Moto g (4th Gen). You get the same 3.5mm headphone and the micro USB slot, which is kinda disappointing since it’s 2017 and clearly USB-C is the future. But unfortunately, we’re still stuck with the micro USB port

2. The Hardware:

The Moto g Plus (5th Gen) comes with the very efficient Octa-Core Snapdragon 625 processor clocked in at 2.0 GHz and is paired with the Adreno 506 GPU. The Snapdragon 625 being a very popular choice among the sub 20,000 smartphones is extremely reliable and can handle multitasking and regular usage very well.

The phone comes in two variations – a 3GB RAM /16GB Storage model priced at Rs. 15,000 and a 4GB RAM /32GB Storage model priced at Rs.17,000.  The phone has support for dual SIM and also a provision for storage expansion with a microSD card slot (upto 128GB).IMG_20170316_210528

My only other qualm with this phone is the battery, it houses a very mediocre 3000mAh. Given Motorola’s history, battery life isn’t exactly Moto’s strong suit. Motorola claims this should last more than day on regular use, but not sure how true though. But not everything is grey, at least it supports Fast Charging and comes with the Turbo Power Charger. It also supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0; with this you can get 6hrs of juice on just 15 min of charging.

3. The Software:

The software is one of the major selling points for this phone, since Motorola phones are the only ones in the Mid Range category to give you near stock Android experience. What does this mean you ask? This means you won’t have any heavily skinned UI found on the other OEM phones and no excessively pre-installed apps. You get shear Android goodness with a few extra features like the iconic Moto Display and the gesture controls. The phone also supports NFC, which is sadly missing on its direct competitors like Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, Lenovo Z2 and Samsung Galaxy J7

4. The Display:

With the Moto g Plus(5th Gen), Motorola opted for a 5.2 inch 1080p LCD display against the standard 5.5 inch display for reasons unknown. However, this means more ppi( pixels per inch) and better screen clarity. It comes with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 for protection.

IMG_20170316_210610Motorola introduced this new feature where the touch buttons at the bottom of the screen can be disabled altogether and their actions can be performed by home button (which also houses the fingerprint scanner) by swipe and double tap actions. Pretty neat Motorola. This gives the phone a slightly more screen real estate. That’s nice because it has just a 5.2 inch screen as mentioned earlier.

 5. The Camera:

Motorola is really riding big on the camera here.Like I said, first thing you’ll notice on the back of the phone is the camera hump. This is to house the beast of a camera. The phone features the same 12MP f/1.7 sensor found on the Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 edge sans the Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS). But to compensate, it comes with PDAF(Phase Detection Autofocus). Since, the S7’s camera was pretty much the benchmark for mobile cameras in 2016, expect it to take some pretty great photos. It also comes with the regular 5MP f/2.2 front camera with flash. And finally, the Moto g Plus(5th Gen) can now shoot sweet 4K footage at 30fps and 1080p videos at 60fps.     



The Moto g Plus(5th Gen) isn’t anything groundbreaking; in fact it seems to be the most conventional phone from Motorola yet with a metal uni-body design and traditional specs. But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing since it ticks all the right boxes. So, whom is this phone for ? For anyone on the lookout for a phone under 20,000 price range, the Moto g(5th Gen)is quite a compelling buy. If camera and stock android experience is a priority, then you might definitely want to consider this. However, if you are looking for a phone with long lasting battery, then you might want to look elsewhere. Apart from the battery and a slightly heavier price tag, this is a great phone and can very well be regarded as the ultimate mid range phone of the year.




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